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We need to make it easier for Arkansans to vote, not harder. HB 1112 would make it harder for Arkansans without certain ID to have their votes counted. 

HB1112 would amend our current voter ID law, requiring those who cast provisional ballots to show photo identification by noon on the Monday following Election Day. Right now, voters without ID can cast provisional ballots and still have their vote counted.

Sign our petition urging the House members to vote NO on HB1112. Even better: call your legislator and ask them to vote NO on HB1112. 

Why they should vote no: 
-This bill would penalize the elderly, those with disabilities and those in low-income communities 

-A voter shouldn’t have to show up twice to have their vote counted once

-This bill would create new opportunities for fraud & abuse in county offices

-This bill would overextend county employees


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